Don’t Get me Wrong (Galeb and the Seagull)

About This Project

Galeb and the Seagull is a dream that brother and sister (Goran and Gaia Erjavec ) are trying to bring to life. Sometimes together sometimes separated by geography and borders they sing of birds, trees, wind and fire, love and distance, friends and sisters, in a 100% organic way. The recipe is as it follows: half weight on the total of good tunes with very sincere and well flowing lyrics, 2 or 1 good voices ( nothing special…you don’t need Freddy Mercury if the songwriting is organic), but two voices that together make 2 an a half , an acoustic guitar, a few spoons of Galebs famous fingerpicking and some harmonica crumbles to sprinkle on top. Cook the band for 5 years, with temperatures going from the Australian desert to the Berlin winter and humidity between the italian spring and French autumn. Add in the end the great support given to the band in by the most incredible people, friends, family and ,why not, a few enemies, and you’ll get what we like to call “Galeb and the Seagull”

This Videoclip was shot in a hot Summer day from the morning till sunset. Goran and Gaia brother and sister, two guys whose family are friends and friends are family. Two with the vice of travel. People Changing stories, stories changing People. Is this the begin of a journey or the closing of a chapter ? Who Knows! This is how we pictured them, thats OUR story.
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Teresa Zeleznik
Francesca Azzarelli
Caterina Bugatto
Francesca Alessandrini
Valeria Ditullio
Luca Burigana
Sebastiano Filippi